Elective modules

Students will choose electives from different subject areas. The number of electives required in a given year will depend on the degree pathway. Elective modules may be chosen to add value to a subject area or for personal development purposes. Please note that some modules may require prior learning or may not be available in a given year due to timetable constraints or student numbers. Liaise with your programme co-ordinator when choosing electives.

  Subject Area: General        
MK7105 Negotiation Skills 5 1&2 none 27th/28th Jan - blended
  Subject Area: Irish Studies        
IS1154 Early Christian Ireland 431 - 1169 5 1 none online
IS1155 Medieval Ireland 1169-1603 5 1&2 none online
IS1156 Early Modern Ireland 1603-1845 5 2 none online
IS2154 Modern Ireland 1845-1998 5 1 none online
IS2155 Social and Political Change in Contemporary Ireland 1922-2003 5 1&2 none online
IS2156 From Ceili to Riverdance: Irish Traditional Music and Dance in the 20th Century 5 2 none online
  Subject Area: Archaeology        
AR8100 Mesolithic to Megalithic: Ireland in the Stone Age 5 1 none online
AR8101 Metal and Warriors: Bronze and Iron Age Ireland 5 1&2 none online
AR8102 Saint, Scholar, Viking, Norman: Medieval Ireland 5 2 none online
  Subject Area: Sociology and Political Science        
SP1102 Intro to Politics and Sociology 5 1 none 21st/22nd Oct - blended
SP2104 Practicing Sociology and Politics 5 1 SP124 23rd/24th Sept - blended
SP184 Understanding Conflict 5 2 none 4th Feb - blended

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