YR2 Core Modules

Subject level core modules depend on the Major (75 ECTS) or Minor (40 ECTS) that you choose. A Major stream is delivered over the 4 years of the Degree programme. A Minor stream is generally delivered over 2 or 3 years, depending on the subject area. The table below indicated the core modules within the academic year 2016/17, year 2 of the programme:

  Subject Area: Archaeology      
AR8103 Key Themes in Irish Prehistoric Archaeology 5 1 online
AR8104 Key Themes in Irish Medieval Archaeology 5 1&2 online
AR8105 Irish Archaeology Project 5 2 online
  Subject Area: Economics      
EC252.2 Managerial Economics 5 1 online
ST2351 Statistics 5 1&2 online
EC7100 Research Skills and Research Paper 5 1&2 online
EC253.2 Macroconomics 5 2 online
  Subject Area: English and Drama      
EN2201 Theatre Histories II 5 1 blended
EN2202 English Research Project 5 1 blended
EN2204 Gothic Literature 5 2 blended
EN2200 Old English Poetry 5 2 blended
  Subject Area: Training and Education Management      
TE174 Organisation Management: HR 10 1 blended
TE166 Management of Training and Education 10 2 blended

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