New Programmes

The Centre for Adult Learning and Professional Development is please to announce the launch of the following programmes in September 2017:

Diploma in Management (mainly online)

Diploma in History (blended learning)

Diploma in Sociology and Political Science  (blended learning)

Applications for the part-time BA will open in April 2017 - the following new streams will be offered:

Sociology and Political Science (blended learning)

History (blended learning)

French (weekly lectures)

Please contact us if you would like to add your name to our mailing list.



YR2 Archaeology Timetable


Here is the schedule for core modules within the Archaeology stream, academic year 2016/17. Archaeology modules are delivered in eight-week cycles. The dates below indicate the start date of each module:

Date Time Module Lecturer Venue
    Semester I    
12th Sept Weekly online AR8103: Key Themes in Irish Prehistoric Archaeology Dr Michelle Comber online
    Semester 1 & 2    
7th Nov Weekly online AR8104: Key Themes in Irish Medieval Archaeology Dr Michelle Comber online
13th Feb Weekly online AR8105: Irish Archaeology Project Dr Michelle Comber online

YR2 Timetables

Your timetable will depend on the streams you  chose in YR1. Generally there are 20ECTS within each stream in YR2 - all modules listed in a subject stream are core. Archaeology is the exception and has 15 ECT in YR2.

Here are examples of YR2 module credits:
English 20 ECTS + Training and Education 20ECTS + 1 elective 5ECTS = 45 ECTS, Or
Economics 20 ECTS + Archaeology 15 ECTS + 2 electives 10 ECTS = 45 ECTS

 Click on the subject tab below for the 2016/17 schedule:

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