This section provides you with information about procedures and regulations within NUI Galway. It is intended for students on part-time Diploma and Degree courses.

Third level education is intended to be formative. The mission of NUI Galway is Learning and Leadership for Life and Work. We are committed to providing an environment and a community in which our students have a positive experience and are facilitated to achieve their potential, academically and personally. The University community of students and staff is a large and integral part of the larger community of the city of Galway, and the majority of our students live amongst the city community.

Fellow students, staff of the University and members of the community outside of the University must be treated with dignity and respect. Accordingly, members of the University Community are required to adhere to certain rules and regulations.

The Student Code of Conduct governs your behaviour on and off the University campus. The Code governs your behaviour in the academic context, as well your personal behaviour.

When you register, you give an explicit agreement to abide by the NUI Galway Student Code of Conduct and the various regulations of the University. You have an obligation to read the Student Code of Conduct and  other Regulations.

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