Deferral Procedure

 If a student is aware that they will be absent from an examination they may request a deferral of examination from the University. This allows the student the opportunity of a second sitting without incurring any penalty. The guidelines for deferral are as follows:

  • Forms for those applying for deferral are available here, and must be returned to the Dean’s Office, College of Arts, Social Sciences and Celtic Studies

  • Deferral of any examination is a very grave matter and students will not normally be granted any deferral except for the most serious of situations.  Deferrals are only permitted at the discretion of the Dean on bona fide grounds of ill-health, or bereavement of close family members or serious personal circumstances which can be verified independently. Applications which fall outside these guidelines will normally be refused.

  • Students must provide documentary letters, medical certificates or other support material from medical doctors, student counsellors or others along with their application. The Dean reserves the right to verify the stated grounds for deferral.  Only the modules listed on the form will be deferred.

  • Students should contact the relevant College Office for information about their application. Students should continue to study and prepare for their examinations pending notification. Students should not presume that any deferral has been granted until informed of the outcome of their application.

  • Students who are missing from examinations and are not granted deferrals are deemed absent and must pay a repeat examination fee to attend the second sitting.





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