Modules/ ECTS

In order to quantify learning and to place a value on it, courses are divided up into credit units. Credits are in the ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) format and are recognised as university credits throughout the EU. Generally, one module equates with 5 ECTS and is delivered over one semester, which is usually a 12-week term. The use of ECTS credits is common across the third level sector and provides a ‘currency’ that students may transfer from one course to another or gain exemption from elements of a particular course.  Once you have completed a module and passed the examinations and/or assessment procedure, at a grade D or higher,  you are awarded 5 ECTS credits.  The total ECTS credits are then calculated for the award of a diploma or degree.

Each part-time diploma course offers three modules per academic year, 15 ECTS. Students must successfully complete a total of 30 ECTS over two years to achieve a minor diploma in a given subject area.  

A Bachelor of Arts (BA) is made up of 180 ECTS and is delivered over a minimum of four years; 45 ECTS per academic year. A major Diploma in Arts is awarded upon successful completion of years one and two, 90 ECTS.

To summarise, courses are allocated a standard number of ECTS credits within the following guidelines:

Diploma (minor - single subject) 30 ECTS
Diploma in Arts 90 ECTS
Degree 180 ECTS

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